What does everybody think of the new multiscale bass!? Plays incredible, sounds incredible. A home run bass.

Smokin Guitar !!lol
We made this guitar for Psycho Smokeout that you can smoke out of. They’re going to raffle it off at the fest tomorrow, and we will be there as well making stuff, smoking stuff, and showing ...
Rest in Peace Beard Guy, Walk Off The Earth
Love the looks of your new bass Bill.Whats the body wood ?
Alright folks, this is one of the #coolest basses ever. What would you name it ?

• 34 inch scale
• 27 frets
• #Bartolini pickups
• #Schaller bridge and tuners
• Pau Ferro Fret board
• Cuban #Mahogany top
• #Cherry wood back
Saw this photo posted by @walkofftaylor and has a great shot of the West Edge Bass in it . Also Happy birthday to Bill Hutnik today 😀
Pre cutting the Gold Evo frets in the white shred zone
Boss out with the Gloss out
Who would shred this ?
Tag someone who can shred.
A Little love from Orange Amplifiers
Black Limba body with tapered laminate neck, Dimarzio Split P pickups.
Chambered 7 string lefty, Bocote top, new designed body bevels are absolutely unreal 🙂
Super psychedellic stains over copper. High gloss over this is going to be gnarly!
What pickups would you route into this 4 string Bass? Black limba body and tapered Purple Heart laminates really set off the Birdseye fretboard.
What a deadly combo ! Buckeye guitar and Buckeye bass for the win!
14 inch scale electric Hollowbody Mandolin, Neck pickup is EMG FTX, bridge pickup Fishman M300 piezo, Gotoh Tuners. Love the Bocote and Mahogany combo.
Need a new camera lens cover. The blurry is unbearable. Call this a sneak preview 😀
Happy St Paddys Day!
Chambered out to keep excess weight to a minimum. The extra mass in the body will slightly "absorb" some of the inital picking energy. This combination of chambering and high density woods in a multiple laminate neck will give you ...
Awesome shot sent over to me from @fightlikeafarmer, Looking for photographer to tag in for the great shot @walkofftheearth
Left handed, 4 ply hollow classical style headstyle for a 7 string hollowbody carvetop. Neck profile will be hand carved into the machined scribe on back for perfect lines.
Hello Bill, how goes the build? Looking forward to seeing
your masterpiece!

Check out Walk Off The Earth and Snoop Dogg with the West Edge CS4 Bass!
WOTE x Snoop Dogg

Check out our new collaboration with The Doggfather

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West Edge Guitars ...
Gorgeous Trans Green to Black Burst Bob Gnarly. Love the Natural Binding / Mahoghany contrast!
This tiny thing is looking great during polishing!
Gorgeous Green Black burst on this carvetop!! What colour hardware would you run?
West Edge Headless Multiscale in the works!
New Bass design and a Mandolin! Who wants to hear them together?
I played My Custom West Edge "Vibe" last night in front of many people. 😉 Here's us with Lips from Anvil just before our set.
West Edge Guitars shared a photo.
I played My Custom West Edge "Vibe" last night in front of many people. 😉 Here's us with Lips from Anvil just before our set.

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